Pull up a seat, grab a coffee & get to know coolmango.

(We’ll be here when you need us.)


Yeah we get it. Here’s the story behind our unique name.

Our Founder and Creative Director is from Australia (yep, he’s one of those) and after working in the industry for over a decade for many successful design agencies down under, moved to beautiful British Columbia with one simple vision in mind – helping small businesses shine!

So what’s with the name?

The name, Coolmango represents what we offer here in this great land we call Canada. Not only is our founder unique to this country, but our brands are also unique, different, they stick out in a good way and get people talking – they’re tasty, juicy, delicious and leave a smile on your face… that and it’s freezing most months of the year here!  😉

So there’s the story behind our name.


Quite honestly, YOU are why we do what we do.

(No, seriously. You rock!)

We were tired of the same old same old.

After working with & for many different small businesses, we started to see one thing that almost all had in common – Sameness. We’re not 100% sure if that’s a word, but there aren’t any squiggly lines telling us it’s not so we’ll power on! As we were saying… Sameness. It’s that blah, that meh, that been there done that feeling that you get when you see the same look and feel in three different real estate agent’s logos, or the same pedestrian advertising paths taken by four restaurants etc etc.

Enough was enough!

So instead of raging inside the machine, we decided to form coolmango and rage against the machine that is this sameness in small business branding.

But why?

Simple. We love making people happy! It shines through our logo, our branding and our brand promise – helping small businesses shine. We believe whole-heartedly that great branding shouldn’t be just for the large companies and our goal is to change this mindset by transforming small businesses through effective and attractive branding.



Nobody should feel blah about their brand! Stop the yawning and be brand proud!

I had questions and they had answers, I had a brand crisis and they had solutions, I had a budget and they had the time for me. Thank you coolmango for guiding my visions


Owner, Cycling Salesman